New products

2015 Xmas Crock w/Refill

2015 Xmas Crock with an additional 13 1/2oz. Cup of Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread.

Cheese 'n Chips

12oz. Cup Old Tavern's Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread, 7oz. Box Pinah Rye Chips and a Cheese Handle Spreader. A perfect gift!

Gourmet Soybean Trio

5oz. Bag each of Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Yogurt Covered Roasted Soybeans. Grown and produced in Wisconsin. Who would have thought that healthy would taste so good!

Wisconsin Danish Kringles

1lb. 6oz. delicate flaky pastry-kneaded and hand rolled into 81 layers, loaded with filling, baked and iced on top. Two Kringles;One Chocolate Eclair and one Caramel Apple.